Autism/Aspergers. Molecular2


Some years ago I read about Tinus Smits, a Dutch doctor and homeopath, who had developed the CEASE protocol for working with autistic, Asperger’s and ADHD children, as well as many others, to great effect. I started to apply some of his techniques and found that this certainly improved the outcomes.

In October 2011 I attended the first CEASE course in this country, along with 90 other homeopaths from all around the world. It was an extremely useful and enlightening course and I am now a homeopathic CEASE registered practitioner. You can find further information if you Click here and then to find the register scroll down the righthand side of the home page click on and fill in West Byfleet or an area close to Woking.

I have worked with autistic, Asperger’s, ADD and ADHD children for over 20 years as a special education needs teacher, in specialist schools and as a Special Education Needs Coordinator in a mainstream junior school. During this time I have also worked with these children in my homeopathic clinic.

I have found that homeopathy has been and continues to be very beneficial for these children in supporting them and their parents. I have used homeopathy for many years, to find out more about what homeopathy could do for you Click here to visit my "About Homeopathy" page.

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